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Frequently Asked Questions


  • ISDN PRI is delivered over a single physical trunk with the digital interface of a 2Mbps circuit with 30 voice channels that is connected to a Maxis modem via the RJ45 copper wire.

  • Telephone numbers for ISDN PRI service come in blocks of 100 numbers. We provide up to 200 telephone numbers per ISDN PRI trunk.

  • ISDN PRI service is billed by the pilot number (only one telephone number) whether the service has one trunk or multiple trunks attached to this number.

  • Incoming calls are connected based on the 1st available channel and directly to the telephone number (which may be an extension) (bypass reception) being called.

    • The ISDN PRI features include a FREE Clip-on Extension (full extension telephone shown to caller) OR a Clip on Pilot Number (only pilot number shown to caller).
    • Supplementary services such as the Domestic Toll-Free (Freefone 1800 or Localfone 1300) and International or Universal Freefone service can also be added.
    • For business contingency or redundancy purposes, trunk redirection service can be subscribed in advance to divert incoming calls to an alternative service when your ISDN PRI service or PABX is not functioning.
  • ISDN PRI is connected to the Maxis network via modem using RJ45 cable. It does not include customer equipment (PABX, telephone). Customers must purchase their own PABX with installed ISDN PRI card in their PABX and PABX extension phones for their staff or call centre agents.

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