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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis Business Voice Connect

  • You have to be subscribed to a Maxis Business Fibre/DIA/MPLS internet
    connection to be eligible for this solution.

  • Currently, fixed numbers are not portable and cannot be transferred to Maxis Business Voice Connect lines. However, you can choose a new fixed line number with your state prefix (03, 05, etc) with your Maxis Business Voice Connect.

  • Business Voice Connect is suitable for customers who are looking for a Business Grade Voice solution. By subscribing to a Business Grade Voice service, the customer does not need to purchase & maintain their own telephony system.

  • Yes, if your existing business telephone number used is a Maxis number.
    No, if your existing business telephone number used is from another operator. A new Maxis Voice Connect Number will be provided to you.

  • Yes, you can.
    You can connect one of the Voice Connect telephone line from theATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) to your fax machine (instead of analogue phone) to use it.

  • If you are on the new Maxis Business Voice Connect package that was launched early 2019, you are eligible to subscribe for the Voice Connect App.

  • The Voice Connect App can only be used within Malaysia.

  • In order to subscribe for the Voice Connect App / softphone, you must have a Maxis Business Voice Connect Service subscribed, and the smartphone where the Voice Connect App / Softphone is installed must use a Maxis mobile line (postpaid or prepaid).

  • You are encourage to change your default password after you have succesfully installed the Voice Connect App. The password can be changed through the settings in your Voice Connect App.

  • The minimum Smartphone OS version required:

    • Android Smartphone (Android version 5 and above)
    • iPhone (iOS 11 and above)
  • Yes you can. During the Registration and Ordering Process, you need to indicate that you require this feature and the quantity of users and number range to be reserved for the hunting group.

    You are required to specify the Maxis Mobile Phone numbers of the users that will be assigned to the Voice Connect fixed line number of the hunting group to be provisioned.

    Do note 1 additional Voice Connect line is required to be subscribe for the Pilot number to direct incoming calls to the users in the hunt group.

  • You may turn ‘on’ the “Do Not Disturb” feature in the Voice Connect App / Softphone settings to prevent calls from reaching you should you choose not to be disturbed during an important meeting.

    Alternatively, should you want someone to temporarily answer calls coming in during those period, you may set the call forwarding feature to forward incoming calls to another number to answer those calls when you are busy.

  • Yes, you can. Please contact Maxis Customer Service at 1800 82 1919, 5 working days before the end of trial.

    If you do not terminate the service before the end of the 30 days free trial, you will be automatically charged on the 2nd month for the subscription.

  • You need to request for call forwarding feature to be enabled from your existing provider to forward incoming calls to your Maxis Voice Connect line numbers. This will enable you to continue to retain your existing fixed number from other provider while using Voice Connect App for mobility & BCP purpose.

    (Note: Call forwarding charges will be incurred on your other service provider line. To avoid forwarding charges, we recommend that you switch your fixed line service completely to Maxis to enjoy a true converged voice solution and further savings)

Voice Connect Softphone

  • You can subscribe for Voice Connect Softphone (RM20 per line) separately from the Voice Connect Service that comes with the Business Fibre. It will use a separate fixed line number. Do note Voice Connect Softphone is standalone on separate account. It does not share the same pool of shareable minutes as the Voice Connect lines hard bundle on Business Fibre service.

    Alternatively, if you are on an existing 5 or 9 Voice Connect lines on Business Fibre, you can consider subscribing for the Voice Connect App on top of your current Voice Connect lines.

    If you are on the single unlimited Voice Connect line that came with the Business Fibre service, you are required to change your subscription to the 5 or 9 Voice Connect lines package and add-on the Voice Connect App subscription.

  • Yes you can.

    To be eligible to use the Voice Connect Softphone, you need to have existing Maxis Mobile line subscription to enable the Voice Connect Softphone to make and receive PSTN calls via the App that is installed on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

  • You may contact Maxis Customer Service or the Account Manager supporting your account.

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