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How mDrive helps you optimise your business fleet management

Complete visibility

Monitor both vehicle usage and driver performance on one single dashboard.

Optimise costs

Easily plan and optimise routes to reduce fuel wastage and vehicle maintenance.

Improve productivity

Reduce time spent in workshops by monitoring vehicle health and condition to avoid unexpected interruptions.

Safe driving

Improve journey performance and safety by setting alerts and monitoring driving behaviour.

mDrive features

Real-time Vehicle Location

View vehicle location instantly and check if it’s being driven or parked.

Trip History

View details of each completed trip including distance, duration and estimated fuel consumption.


View reports on vehicle usage patterns, idling time and speeds.


Set a geographical boundary and be alerted if your vehicles enter or exit the boundary.

Vehicle Condition

Know at the start of every day if vehicles are safe for your employees to drive.

Top Notch

Comes with lifetime warranty to ensure high quality performance and the mDrive device will be protected by tamper-evident stickers.

Choose the right mDrive plan to manage your business fleet


  • Subscribers of mDrive Plug & Play and mDrive Wired will receive an mDrive device that has a lifetime warranty and FREE access to the mDrive mobile app.
  • You may add on the international roaming feature at RM25/month.
  • mDrive services will be charged once the SIM is activated and will be billed monthly.

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Business insights

Let’s Fix It: Why Traditional Fleet Tracking Isn’t Working for You Anymore

Running a fleet of vehicles – lorries, trucks, cars, motorbikes, or anything else – can get expensive. First, the act of buying and replacing both vehicles and their parts require a huge investment. Then there is the time and money needed to operate and maintain them.


Fleet Tracking Technology Made Simple: What Company Leaders Need to Know

When we talk about vehicle fleets, we are talking primarily about associated industries such as manufacturing, logistics, delivery, and services. All of these have a long history in this country, and, as with many established industries, are reluctant to change. However, change is happening whether we like it or not. There is more need for transport (it’s been projected that in 2021, ASEAN online shopping activity will be nearly double the $37.7 billion recorded in 2017) as well as more competition (as of March this year, there were 116 courier service operators licensed in Malaysia.)


Slashing Operational Costs and Improving Efficiency: How Effective Fleet Management Solutions Pay for Themselves

In this article, we delve deeper into five tangible benefits of a comprehensive fleet management solution. Specifically, how it enables your company to:


Building a Connected Fleet: How to Choose a Solution for Your Needs

As companies clamber to stay ahead of the competition, fleet tracking and management solutions are growing in popularity. Even in logistics, an industry in which company size use to determine success and longevity, large, established companies are being threatened by smaller, nimbler, more tech-savvy newcomers.


Getting Your Drivers Onboard: Vital Tips to Overcoming Employee Resistance

Companies admit that one of the concerns they have about adopting such technology is that drivers will resent being monitored. Most drivers are used to working with some degree of independence and could misconstrue a new system – meant to protect the company, vehicle, and drivers themselves – as ‘policing’.


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