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Alert: Beware of

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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Cloud migration is easy with Maxis' right solutions

DATA has shown that most Malaysian businesses today recognise what cloud technology means.

In a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the IDC InfoBrief 2022, about 84% of organisations have already adopted or plan to integrate cloud in their operations.

The pandemic led to the rise of remote computing where users were able to access their critical data and digital applications anytime, anywhere, accelerating the urgency of cloud adoption.
From business flexibility to agility and cost savings, cloud gives them the means to survive the pandemic and boosts business performances.

At the same time, companies should know that moving to the cloud is more than just adopting a new system. It’s about overhauling their business operations altogether.


"We received seamless support from the Maxis Right Expertise team that included consultations, strategy, solutions and implementation. By moving all our physical files to the cloud, we immediately found ourselves with extra office space, and saving on hardware, maintenance and electricity. We also didn’t have to scrap our existing platform because migrating our existing system into the cloud was effortless too." - Sum Lih Kang , Deputy Managing Director, Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd

Points of contention

While cloud adoption appears to be gaining popularity, companies that are on the fence cite several considerations that prevent them adopting cloud.

The first challenge is whether their internal IT team has the right skill sets and capacity to implement the transition and eventual cloud operations, or whether they have to source the task to a third party.

Many cloud-adopting companies, however, agree on the need to constantly upskill and retrain staff to be certified on the latest technologies, or employ new talents familiar with the current cloud standards.

Cases show when business owners get over-enthusiastic and kickstart cloud journeys by investing in piecemeal cloud services to tackle immediate problems, the move often becomes unnecessary in the long run.
In addition, the issue of security is fundamental in any IT application, but especially critical when operating in the cloud.

Even companies that recognise the huge potentials of cloud acknowledge that security and compliance risk considerations remain a huge barrier.

The SD-WAN way

The traditional method of data transfer from various points to a centralised data centre for storage or processing is no longer considered efficient due to wasted bandwidth and increased latency affecting the system’s overall performance.

More businesses are exploring a more holistic approach of using a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology, to automate traffic based on the business’ intent and improve network security, at the same time simplifying the whole WAN architecture.

Simply put, SD–WAN uses a centralised control function that directs traffic in a secure manner. This maintains consistency, ensures optimal resilience in application performance and makes connecting different users, or branches, to the cloud easy.

By controlling the traffic leading to data centres and directing users to the cloud, the integrated feature allows the backbone, WAN, to perform core functions while simultaneously ensuring better security.

Compared to MPLS, the cheaper and more flexible SD-WAN also offers better security - nex-gen firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IPS) software and encryptions.

With increased security, this will help businesses to prevent data loss and downtime at the same time ensuring proper compliance and governance.

Behind the machine

Expert management remains a critical component in an implemented system.

Just as how artificial intelligence would need a human eye to spot unpredicted events, getting on the cloud is no exception – having the right expertise to ensure seamless operations is pivotal.

To help alleviate customer concerns in moving to the cloud, Maxis Business offers its Right Cloud proposition, which features easy navigation through the complexities of cloud adoption.

It provides clear insight and control of the cloud infrastructure so that customers can focus on their core businesses and operations.

Running on a single-consolidated platform capable of sustaining multiple cloud workloads (example, AWS, Azure) and on-premises systems, Maxis’ Right Cloud allows the effective brokering of cloud resources to the rest of the organisation.

By offering access to all major cloud providers, businesses can allocate the right cloud service for every workload, while maintaining full visibility and control over their cloud environments.

This is backed up with Maxis’ Right Expertise, allowing customers the access to a large pool of certified specialists covering not just cloud services, but a full-suite of IT services including Managed Network Services and Managed Security Services.

Business customers can rely on credible experts to oversee their network 24/7, and rest assured that their operations are all-ways connected.

With over 25 years of experience as a leading telecommunications provider, Maxis offers its business customers the advantage of being on the Right Network – the MEF 3.0-certified enterprise grade Maxis Programmable Network, ensuring the ability to manage peaks in demand or one-off operational activities in a quick and cost-effective manner.

This article was originally published in The Star on 7 Dec 2022.

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