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Alert: Beware of

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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Maxis eCommerce Case Study: How XIXILI Found Success Delivering the Perfect Fit

Malaysian fashion lingerie brand XIXILI is known for catering to women of all shapes and sizes. To further its reach, XIXILI set up an eCommerce store in early 2017 to complement its brick and mortar distribution channels.

Fiercely competitive

XIXILI was quick to adapt to the changing retail landscape and to vie against increasingly tough competition from international brands. Despite the XIXILI brand having strong awareness in the local market and gaining steady online traffic, the brand fought to increase market share through new online customers.

An obstacle faced with the launch of a webstore stems partially from the nature of the lingerie trade: it is ingrained in lingerie customers to try the wares before purchase to ensure the best fit.

Using insights gleaned from popular customer queries and analyses of the webstore's performance, XIXILI found that new customers lacked knowledge of, as well as confidence, in their correct size and fit.

This finding was supported by analytics which showed that the size chart landing page was one of the most visited pages.

The conclusion was that customers needed more detailed product information as well as guidance on choosing the right sized lingerie. After all, XIXILI's brand message is that it ensures a perfect fit.

A new game plan

Three objectives were created for the webstore moving forward. First, increase brand and product-fit awareness; second, acquire new customers online; and third, increase overall webstore revenue.

Setting these goals would also aid in addressing a major issue: despite the significant traction online, consumer interest did not necessarily translate into eCommerce revenue growth. Without an increase in market share, further growth would be limited.

Thus, a new strategy for gaining customers was needed – one that would effectively educate and engage customers at each stage of their shopping journey.

At the discovery stage, we launched the 'Everyday Struggles: A Bad Bra Day' campaign, which ran from 1–31 March 2019, to educate women on choosing the right size and perfect fitting lingerie. At the conversion stage, we used educational content and a flash sale, which ran on Facebook and Instagram, where most product discoveries take place. 

The campaign provided valuable insight, increased the relevancy of ads, and improved click-through-rates (CTR), which in turn lowered the cost-per-click (CPC).

On the back end, we took steps to ensure XIXILI's webstore can handle any spikes in demand, especially around major shopping events such as the 11.11 and 12.12 sales. In particular, we worked with AWS to migrate XIXILI's webstore to AWS, which offers a wide range of performance and security enhancements.

These include AWS Auto Scaling, a feature that automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost; AWS CloudWatch, a monitoring service that gives XIXILI a comprehensive overview of operational health; and AWS CloudTrail, a service that monitors account activity across XIXILI’s AWS infrastructure.

With these solutions, XIXILI was able to run their website and webstore smoothly without interruptions.

Maxis eCommerce Case Study: How XIXILI Found Success Delivering the Perfect Fit
The right marketing

By tailoring the content according to the readiness of the audience – whether they were new visitors, yet-to-purchase or returning customers – the right promo or offer ads could be used to increase conversion rates.

This strategy of using a variety of ads, each customised for specific audiences, proved to be far more effective than generalising across all customer segments.

It was crucial to properly map the relevant content to each stage of the buyer's journey. For instance, at the discovery stage, a promotional video for the 'Everyday Struggles: A Bad Bra Day' campaign was launched on Facebook and Instagram. The messaging featured relatable content, depicting the struggles women face with an ill-fitting bra.

At the consideration stage, prospective customers who engaged with XIXILI's Facebook and Instagram posts were then retargeted with educational ads that taught them how to choose right-fitting lingerie. The ads also showcased XIXILI's products and features. 

At the conversion stage, active webstore engagers were then retargeted with attractive offers. Those who did not make a purchase yet were then engaged via a Facebook coupon bot campaign as a final push to drive them to try products offline at a XIXILI boutique. 

Mission accomplished

The new strategy achieved all three objectives. Where product awareness was concerned, it reached consumers with a high engagement rate of 31.8%.

Pageviews also increased by 143% and session duration increased by 88.1%, with organic traffic up by 28%.

The goal to acquire new customers was also achieved with a sizeable increase in Add-to-Carts by 276.5%. Overall, the number of new customers rose by 110%, and the Facebook coupon bot also saw a significant number of Messenger interactions.

As for the goal to increase eCommerce revenue, the webstore conversion rate increased by 129%, while the number of transactions grew by 188%. Revenue also rose by 122% with an overall uptick in return on ad spend (ROAS) by 132%.

XIXILI's eCommerce success was achieved by leveraging advanced data insights to understand what their visitors needed to convince them to buy with confidence. Like their lingerie, the strategy used proved to be the perfect fit.

You too, can bring your business to the next level like XIXILI with our award-winning team.