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MCMC Volunteer Surveys, 8 Nov - 31 Dec | Click


Enjoy improved efficiency and productivity with our integrated administrative portal

If you are one of our business customers, register for Maxis Business Hub to enjoy an easy, secure way to manage all your business accounts whenever you want. You'll be able to make service orders, request additional services, generate bill reports and much more.


Request services, top up data, or register new lines anytime.

Improved WiFi speed

Accessible via desktop or mobile so you can manage your business on the go.


Generate digital bill reports for instant analysis.

Multi-user access

Allows different individuals to help manage your business' accounts and services.

What you can do on Maxis Business Hub

Manage your business accounts at anytime, anywhere with Maxis Business Hub
Company and Account Info

One dashboard to view all services (mobile & fixed), service type, etc


Subscribe to e-billing, download up to 6 months of bill statements, and pay bills online 

Order Management

Order new lines, change rate plans, port a number into Maxis, view order status and track orders 

Data Quote & VAS Management

Add or remove Value Added Services or get additional data for your company 

Active and Resume a Service

Resume or activate lines and services anytime 

Admin Setting

Add, edit or remove administrators and their access at ease 

Ready to register for Maxis Business Hub?

Make sure you have all the details below before signing up.

A valid mobile number

(Make sure this number belongs to you, the person in charge)

Name and NRIC of person in charge

(If it does not match the name registered in our system, kindly prepare a Letter of Authorization and the Company Registration documents, and email it to us at

Let us help you get started