Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

As directed by MCMC, SMS with URL link, personal data & phone no. will be blocked from 2 Jul 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Terms & Conditions

Appendix – Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”) - TV Offer

Version [31st March 2023]

Appendix Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”) – TV Offer

  • TV Offer A Offer B
    Eligible plan(s) Maxis Business Postpaid and Maxis Business Fibre Maxis Business Fibre
    Samsung Smart TV Size 65” 50”
    RRP RM4,599 RM2,999
    TV Fee Maxis Business Fibre 30Mbps RM129/month RM129/month
      Maxis Business Fibre 100Mbps RM119/month RM69/month
    Maxis Business Fibre 300Mbps RM109/month RM59/month
    Maxis Business Fibre 500Mbps RM59/month RM39/month
    Maxis Business Fibre 800Mbps RM1/month RM1/month
    Maxis Business Fibre 1 Gbps
    (Where Available, not applicable with any other promotions)
    RM1/month RM1/month

    *** TV is not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable.