Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

As directed by MCMC, SMS with URL link, personal data & phone no. will be blocked from 2 Jul 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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UsahaWIRA Stories

Growing Together: Bata Finds Success Both Online and Offline

Find out how Bata started spending less on offline marketing and brought more revenue through online channels.

How a Local Pet Shop Stayed One Step Ahead and Helped Their Business Thrive During a Difficult Period

Find how they reached more potential customers online despite being unfamiliar with digital marketing.

Tips & Insights

Connecting with Customers that Matters Most

When customers are in the market for a product or service, they will remember and pay more attention to ads that are most relevant. Here are some tips from Astro, Malaysia's leading content creator and producer, on making your TV, radio or digital ads memorable.

How to Attract Customers Online

Learn how you can capture customers' attention online.

The Dos' and Don'ts in Copywriting

A well-written copy can make or break an ad. Check out some tips on how you can craft an effective and compelling copy.

9 Creative Tips

Here are 9 tips on how to create viral-worthy content for SMBs! From using the power of sound to tricks on text placement in TikTok videos, find out how you can let your creativity flow.

Behaviour Targeting

Is your phone spying on you? No, it's actually TikTok’s Behavior Targeting algorithm that targets the audience based on their actions on TikTok. Learn how the algorithm works and how you can make it work for you.

TikTok for Business - Creative Toolkit

Here are 7 easy-to-use and highly effective creation and analysis tools you can try to enhance and scale creative content creation to captivate your audience.

TikTok Video Editor Playbook

By using a suite of features and tools within TikTok's Video Editor Playbook, you can edit your videos and bedazzle them however you like. Check out our step-by-step manual of how to use these creative features and start your TikTok journey.

Digital Marketing

Getting Started with Marketing on Facebook

The Facebook universe is one of the most prevalent amongst Malaysians, spanning users across WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Through Facebook marketing, your business can leverage these channels to create a strong online presence.

Stay Connected with your Customers

Google is more than just a simple search engine. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how your business can take advantage of different Google apps for growth.

Choosing the Best Online Platform to Attract Customers

Which platform is the best for attracting more customers online? Find out now.

Pixel 101

TikTok Pixel is a powerful measuring tool that you place on your website to help find new customers, optimize campaigns and measure ad performance. Read more about how TikTok Pixel can help you find the right audience for your ads and more.

Discover the Power of TikTok for Your Business

Find out how TikTok is built for businesses of any size and see how you can take advantage of the platform.

Viu - Media Kit

It's not as difficult as you might think to multiply the returns on your advertising investment by reaching an audience with the right purchasing power. With Viu, your business can be on one of Asia's leading TV platforms too!

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