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Transformation comes easy with the right expertise

Cloud is a game-changer, but only if done right. It’s more than just the outsourcing of infrastructure; it’s a reinvention of your business models, processes, and structures. Your applications need to be cloud-native, not just cloud-hosted. And it needs to be considered holistically from the core to edge, particularly when it comes to security, governance, and operations.

We’ve designed our cloud professional services portfolio with this holistic approach in mind, and have assembled a world-class team spanning a wide range of specialisations. So whether you’re taking your first step to the cloud or enhancing your digital strategy, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Cloud strategy

• Cloud transformation strategies
• Infrastructure and organisation capability assessment
• Governance compliance guardrails
• Training and communications

Cloud security

• Managed security for cloud transformation
• Multi-cloud security
• Risk mitigation strategies
• Security awareness, threat mitigation, cybersecurity control and response
• Identity and access management
• Secure multi-cloud backup and disaster recovery

Cloud migration

• Infrastructure and architecture design
• Workload environment design and rollout
• Backup and disaster recovery planning
• Migration of appropriate on-premise workloads to the cloud

Cloud operations

• Managed cloud operations based on industry best practices
• Cloud operation training and certifications
• Incident and service management
• Continuous Improvement
• 24/7 monitoring and support via Maxis Cloud network operations centre (NOC)

Cloud modernisation

• Application portfolio analysis
• Application modernisation strategy
• Application migration prioritisation and dependency mapping
• Testing and deployment
• Cloud native app modernisation (microservices architecture)
• DevOps services

How cloud is transforming industries

Banking and financial services (BFSI): Getting ahead of digital banks

With the release of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)’s regulatory framework for digital banks in Dec 2019, it’s not a matter of if, but when we’ll see fintech companies go head-on with traditional banks.

While some incumbents have pushed for digitalisation, many have just started initiatives to realise their desired business outcomes – particularly in lowering costs, driving innovation, and increasing agility and responsiveness.

For traditional banks, a controlled (risk mitigated, compliance guided), cloud-based transformation is key to getting ahead of digital banks.

How cloud can help:

Regulatory compliance and security
Private or hybrid cloud solutions can now meet even the most demanding security requirements and BNM’s strict RMiT guidelines.

Legacy infrastructure
Cloud adoption frameworks provide flexibility around modernising specific application workloads, whether it’s a thorough re-engineering or a more simple remediation.

Competition from fintech companies
Managed services let companies go-to-market quicker and reap the full benefits of cloud – without significant capital or human resource investments.

Healthcare: Enabling real-time healthcare delivery

When it comes to healthcare, every second counts. The more clinicians have access to up-to-date patient data and analytics, the faster they can deliver effective, timely treatment. IT is key to making real-time healthcare a reality – both in private and public institutions.

Beyond electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, there is an opportunity for IT to deliver better patient outcomes with a streamlined, cloud-based patient management platform that capitalises on technologies such as advanced analytics, automation, and IoT.

These cloud-based systems would allow healthcare providers to better meet the demands of an ageing population and the handling of seasonal communicable diseases, which may unexpectedly strain already limited medical resources. More importantly, they will be crucial in handling the explosion of health and medical data brought on by the proliferation of smart devices.

How cloud can help:

Patient privacy and data security
Hybrid cloud solutions empower healthcare providers to meet their most demanding privacy and security requirements, as well as governmental and healthcare regulations.

Resource constraints
An optimised cloud platform will help provide greater flexibility and efficiency, allowing healthcare providers to better allocate scarce medical resources and provide care.

Health analytics
IoT connectivity and big data analytics are enabling better patient care and experiences. Our solutions across these domains allow for greater integration with less complexity.

Retail and hospitality: Elevating customer experience

Technology has given consumers tremendous power over retailers. At a push of a button, one can buy virtually anything from anywhere, know and compare everything about a product, or track the delivery of an order in real-time. The bar is set high.

To get ahead, businesses need to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience centred around the customer – with personalised offers, competitive prices, real-time notifications, and rapid order fulfilment. Cloud is enabling this change by providing a scalable foundation for big data, advanced analytics, and IoT, among other technologies key to achieving this goal.

How cloud can help:

Personalisation and service
Customer data can be consolidated into a central database and analysed by machine learning tools to provide real-time recommendations.

Omnichannel fulfilment
Speed up deliveries by integrating data from the store, warehouse, and logistics providers. Incentivise in-store pickups by displaying real-time inventory information online.

Loyalty management
Bridge the gaps between various channels to ensure customers are rewarded no matter where and how they shop. Keep customers engaged throughout their journeys, from digital to physical stores.

The right cloud for every workload

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, you can count on us to take you further. Maxis is the only converged provider of AWS and Azure services in Malaysia – with strong partnerships with both cloud providers and a fast-growing pool of certified professionals – giving you access to both connectivity and cloud services in one managed service.

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