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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Maxis Usage-Based Internet. The smart internet that adjusts to your business usage, so you pay for only what you use.

In the New Normal, unpredictability has forced businesses to balance limited resources, often compromising on the quality and security of your business internet. For businesses, this may impact the productivity and agility you require to stay ahead. Now, you can get the best of both worlds with high-performing direct internet access on Maxis’ world-class network for maximum productivity and cost-efficiency, plus worry-free network protection.


Flexible model to meet changing demands.


Pay up to 70% lesser than what you pay today for standard network cost.


Dedicated internet with 100% bandwidth guarantee and up to 99.9% SLA.

An introduction to Usage-Based Internet

Watch how Maxis Usage-Based Internet can impact your business in positive ways!

Every business is unique and so are their requirements

Find out which plan suits your growing business the best.

How is Maxis Usage-Based Internet different compared to the usual dedicated internet plan?

From zero-risk bill capping to the way we charge consumers (GBs instead of Mbps), you can get what you need for your business without paying more.

Usage consumption

Standard service

When you browse the internet, there is an upload stream of data when you request for information, and a download stream when you receive the requested data.

Typically, you would be charged with a fixed fee no matter how much you use.

Most businesses only utilise 55% of the bandwidth they paid for.


Enjoy flexibility with Maxis Usage-Based Internet

Maxis Usage-Based Internet charges based on the actual data consumed in Gigabytes (GB).

Your business will be given a free quota which is more than sufficient for the average businesses.

If your monthly usage is below the given quota, you only pay the minimal fee.


Be ready for peak seasons with additional bandwidth

To meet peak season demands, your usage may increase during certain months.

If your usage exceeds the free quota, you’ll be charged with an additional fee depending on your usage.

The first five months come with free usage fee, so you can observe usage trends and adjust accordingly.


Zero-risk bill capping

Eliminate bill shock as you will not pay more than the standard rate.

No matter how much data do you use, your bill will be capped at the standard DIA rate.

Brandwidth guarantee

Case study 1 :
Low Internet usage

Customer’s Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected my business, it’s now more important to me than ever to review my business expenditures and save costs where I can. While Internet connectivity is still a necessity, I need to find ways to make it more cost-effective and responsive based on my business needs and capabilities.

maxis solution

A flexible business internet plan that gives you the opportunity to save costs when your internet usage is low.

You only need to pay for what you use.

benefit and features

  • Pay up to 70% lesser than what you pay today for standard network cost.
  • Reduce lost opportunities due to Internet service disruptions with a Service Level Agreement of up to 99.7% and 24/7 support.

Seasonal demand

Case study 2 :
Flexibility to grow

Customer’s Challenge

My establishment is new and does not currently need a big workforce to operate. I need a service that is flexible to meet our customers’ demands as the business grows.

maxis solution

Usage-Based Internet is made affordable with entry-level packages starting at RM999 a month and up to 100Mbps dedicated bandwidth.

benefit and features

  • Seamless upgrades perfect for growing businesses such as start-ups. 
  • Ability to easily switch to standard DIA when required.

Flex to grow

Case study 3 :
Seasonal demand

Customer’s Challenge

My business is seasonal and my hotel rooms are only fully occupied during public and school holidays. My internet usage is only heavy at this time but I still have to pay the same high internet bill throughout the year.

maxis solution

Usage-Based Internet has a minimum commitment fee and the flexibility to match business season.

Therefore, you can expect to pay only the minimum fee during off-peak season.

benefit and features

  • Flexible model for seasonal business with continued savings during off-peak season.

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