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Major use cases of Narrowband-IoT in different industries

Smart Metering

NB-IoT offers improved penetration for utility companies to remotely read meters, even if the sensor is buried underground or in difficult to reach places.

This makes it possible to offer:

  • More accurate billing.
  • Simple, robust and energy-efficient transmission of meter readings.
  • The digitisation of business processes, new applications and business models.

Read the Vodafone IoT Techem case study here to find out how Techem tracked energy consumption reliably and cost-effectively with Narrowband-IoT.   


Smart Agriculture

Palm oil plantations or other agricultural companies can use NB-IoT’s wider coverage to connect to sensors across the vast area of plantations.

This makes it possible to offer:

  • Vital plantation information such as soil and weather conditions, humidity levels, and other environmental changes.
  • Increased yield via precision farming enabled by crop data analytics.
  • Automation of work processes while improving resource utilisation and efficiency.

Read more about Maxis’s initiative on Smart Agriculture – Helping Plantations Boost Productivity by the GSM Association (GSMA) here.

Smart Cities

NB-IoT enables smart cities with the ability to manage millions of connected things in smart lighting, smart waste, smart transport, smart parking and smart building applications.

This makes it possible to offer:

  • Efficient energy and workforce management of street light operations.
  • The ability to remotely monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and pollution levels.
  • Smart City Big Data analytics with the availability of new data streams to generate actionable insights for city and municipal councils.

Smart Manufacturing

The key focus areas of Industry 4.0 are smart factories, supply chain optimisation, and remote monitoring and control.  As a result, manufacturers can leverage on NB-IoT to connect their equipment and systems.

This makes it possible to offer:

  • Visibility of asset conditions over wide areas of a factory to optimise asset use and boost productivity. 
  • Proactive maintenance that minimises downtime by conveniently monitoring asset conditions.
  • Automation and digitalisation of manufacturing processes to improve product lifecycle management.

Maxis Narrowband-IoT Use Cases