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Designed for maximum flexibility and agility for your digital business

The Maxis Programmable Network (MPN) is the next evolution of our state-of-the-art, 5G-ready core network infrastructure, designed to give you greater control and visibility in how you connect your organisation. We are placing our most advanced network in your hands.

Overcome Business Challenges

Experience smooth end-to-end service so you can focus on business goals.

Accelerate Digitalisation

Improve business digital maturity to become an Innovative and resilient business.

Improve Cost Efficiencies

Simplify internal processes and reduce network costs.

Deliver disruptive innovation

Staying ahead of the competition with Maxis Programmable Network.

Comprehensive end-to-end managed services

The right expertise to modernise business infrastructure based on your needs.

A more responsive service based on world-class networks and solutions

Seamless integration of network and digital services such as Cloud, IoT, Smart Services.

Our new category of adaptive networks, as fluid as Cloud

Optimise investment in infrastructure modernisation with future-proof solution based on OpEx model.

Rethink Enterprise Connectivity

With Maxis Programmable Network, connectivity becomes an active part of your business, allowing you to respond quickly to business demands and effectively compete in the digital age.

Stay ahead with Maxis Programmable Network

Featured solutions with Bandwidth on Demand

Direct Internet Access
High Bandwidth , high reliability connections

Domestic Private Leased Circuit
Secure point-to-point connections 

Managed SD-WAN
Next generation corporate networking 

Data Centre Connect
The best way to connect your mission-critical services

Cloud Connect
Optimise your connections to the Cloud 

Multi-Protocol Label Switching
Build your own Virtual Private Network 

Why Maxis

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