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Alert: Beware of

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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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TikTok Video Editor User Playbook

Download the PDF version here.

TikTok Video Editor is TikTok Ads Manager's web-based video editing software that gives you access to a suite of TikTok style editing features

Use the TikTok style editing features in the TikTok Video Editor to:

  • Layer Media Tracks
  • Crop footage
  • Erase objects
  • Add and cut musics
  • Add subtitles
  • Add effects
  • Add stickers
Reason To Use TikTok Video Editor, the best video editor for TikTok


Web-based video editor on TikTok Ads Manager, free to all users.


Linked to TikTok's library of royalty-free soundtracks; the tool also allows you to make quick edits before launching global campaigns.


Flexibly edit video creates down to a single frame


Tech-based trendy music, video transitions, visual effects and stickers are provided for all users.

Key Features

Access The Tool

Option 1

During the campaign/ ad creation step

Option 2

Via Assets > Creative > Create > Creative Tools > Video Editor

Upload Assets

To add pictures and videos

Option 1

Choose from existing materials from your asset library

Option 2

Upload new materials from your computer

Use Assets

Option 1

  1. Move cursor over a material and a"+" will appear on the top right corner.
  2. Click on "+" and the material will be added to a media track.

Option 2

Drag a material to a media track.

Upload Music

To add music:

Option 1

Upload your own soundtrack

Option 2

Choose a soundtrack from the music library

Change Volume

Change volume of the music piece you select

  1. Click on the music track
  2. Change the volume with the slider
  3. Click on the video in the media track
  4. Change the volume with the slider
  5. Add a new music piece

Edit Soundtracks

Remove/ splot an audio track from a video

  1. Click on the music track
  2. Change the volume with the slider
  3. Use the scissor above the music track or move the blue-white bar at the end of the music piece to change the length of the music piece

Add Subtitles

Click on the subtitle icon to enter the subtitle editing page

Choose a style you like and you will see a subtitle/text box. You can change font, size and colour of font and background. Text will be shown in the preview while editing.

Add Transitions

Option 1

  1. Click "+" button on the media track (between two assets)
  2. Click the "+" above the transition you want to add to the media track

Option 2

Insert a transition into your video by dragging it between two materials in the editor below.

Add Visual Effects

You can layer the effect on top of the scenes freely. Please make sure you have at least 1 material in the editor before using the feature.

Add Stickers

Click the stickers icon to add your favourite stickers that are categorized by regular, commercial and TikTok stickers.

Video Adjustments

Object Eraser

Remove unnecessary asset elements.

Asset Cropping

Choose the cropping ratio and select the cropping frame of the best fit.

Aspect Ratio

Select the output video aspect ratio at the left bottom corner.


When it is turned on, the preview will show the creative in a TikTok app format.

Draft Page

Click on "+Create New Draft" to start creating your creatives if you do not have any materials uploaded when entering the Video Editor tool


Option 1

Click the editing button on the right corner of the unfinished project file

Option 2

Click "refresh" on the editing page if you encounter an issue ( for example, the internet connection is lost) to see an auto-saved version of the project

Frequently Asked Questions

How many visual effetcs and transitions are covered by TikTok Video Editor?

Currently, we offer 55 visual effects and 35 transitions on TikTok Video Editor. We will keep updating the effect and transition library.

Do we need to pay for TikTok Video Editor use?

No, it is a FREE online video editor, for all TikTok for Business advertisers!

For the soundtrack recoemmendations within the TikTok Video Editor, do we have the copyright?

Yes. Music pieces (4000+) displayed on the TikTok Ads platform are royalty free.

Download the PDF version below.

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