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Alert: Beware of

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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Maxis eCommerce Case Study: How Focus Point Redefined the Nation’s Eyewear Shopping Experience


By incorporating innovations into our strategies, we were able to strengthen operations and customer reach, despite ever-changing circumstances. - Joey Chun, eCommerce & Marketing Manager

Despite the fact that vision care was categorised as an essential service during the past MCOs, footfall traffic to physical stores remained low as cautious Malaysians continued to stay home. During this period, optical retailer Focus Point instantly realised the growing need for more innovative solutions on their webstore to power through the pandemic and further enhance the shopping experience for eyewear.

Find out how the brand identified gaps, minimised them through new innovations and redefined the nation's eyewear shopping experience.

Beyond digital presence

Focus Point started its partnership with Maxis eCommerce & Retail in late 2018, and when the pandemic struck, business relied heavily on the online shopping experience where both teams focused on the next steps to adapt and thrive.

Despite already establishing a strong digital presence across major online marketplaces and their own webstore, new challenges had surfaced. Although more customers had adopted online shopping, it was crucial for the optical retailer to deliver smoother, more personalised online shopping experiences to sell online more effectively.

The right strategies with the help of eCommerce innovations and digital solutions

Unlike most products, the decision making process while purchasing an eyewear is usually slightly more elaborate. Traditionally, shoppers prefer to try on various eyeglasses before committing to a particular pair to ensure a good frame fit. So how could they help customers identify products that suit them without leaving the comfort of their home?

To overcome this challenge, the brand launched Focus Point Tap & Try feature with Virtual Try-On Technology on their webstore. Customers could envision their new look while trying on plenty of designs to discover their favourite style. Having found the right match, customers showed a greater inclination to purchase eyewear online.

The next step was to reduce barriers to purchase as many Malaysians were facing financial distress. Identifying the economic challenges faced by the wider population, Focus Point was determined to support the nation and make vision care more accessible.

Maxis supported their goals by integrating the Buy Now, Pay Later feature with the webstore. This enabled more flexible payment options that would encourage customers to make an online purchase according to their preferred payment method. Now both credit and debit cardholders had the option to split their payments into three comfortable monthly instalments, at zero interest.

To further boost online sales, Focus Point focused on understanding customer behaviours to develop effective customer retention strategies. Data showed that contact lenses were one of the most consistently repeated purchases on their webstore. As such, the brand launched a contact lenses subscription plan online that allowed customers to receive their contact lens deliveries at their doorstep every month. This value-added service improved customer experience and encouraged customer loyalty.

Through a combination of innovative webstore enhancements and strategic digital marketing, the brand was able to fulfill their commitment to delivering an optimal customer experience.

Driving better business outcomes in more ways than just one

These strategies brought great results, in terms of increased website traffic, customer acquisition as well as revenue growth.

Ultimately, Focus Point won Best eCommerce Innovation at the Asia eCommerce Awards 2021 gaining recognition across South East Asia, South Asia and the ANZ regions.

Changing consumer behaviours have transformed the retail industry, and for a leading optical retailer such as Focus Point, it was imperative that new innovations were needed to continue delivering seamless shopping experiences to Always Be Ahead.

You too, can bring your business to the next level like Focus Point with our award-winning team.