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Alert: Beware of

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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Turning The Pages on Pelangi Publishing Group’s Digital Transformation with Maxis Right Expertise

Recalling the group’s pre-digitalisation days, deputy managing director Mr. Sum Lih Kang, lamented the seemingly little things that had a great impact on the organisation’s operational costs. Such things included paper wastage, idle waiting time, and to a certain extent, even miscommunication.

Yet, that was only a small part of the bigger digital transformation plan the group has in store for the future. In fact, when planning its digital transformation, Mr. Sum highlighted the company’s priorities based on three important digitalisation tenets, which were:
1. Digital Processes,
2. Digital Education, and
3. Digital Marketing

All of which were accelerated successfully through their partnership with Maxis Right Expertise.


“Think of it as a domino effect. When processes lag, everything else follows. Our operational costs dropped drastically after accelerating our company’s digital transformation with Maxis Right Expertise.” - Mr. Sum Lih Kang, Deputy Managing Director of PPSB

The digitalisation of education

The Pelangi Publishing Group started digitalising its operations from as early as 2014. The company built its own internal business portal, hired an in-house programmer and installed an on-site server room with intentions to simplify internal workflow.

What the Group needed help with, however, was a matter of security. With four offices across Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, they were seeking a way to keep communications between offices cohesive, connected and protected, in real time. That was when the Right Expertise team introduced them to Maxis Right Cloud.

“After numerous discussions with Maxis, we finally decided to do away with the server room and cut down on maintenance and electricity costs,” said Mr. Sum. “We worried less about security. Communications were more efficient since our files are now on the cloud as well. More importantly, we didn’t have to scrap our existing platform because migration was effortless.”

The digitalisation of education

Known to the market as an education publisher, research and possibilities were central to the Group’s approach to education. As they digitalised, they wanted to see how they could enable Malaysians, even those in rural areas, to access education in a digital way.

That was when they looked into the prospect of exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as part of their digitalisation plan.

“Using AWS, we wanted to see how we could collect specific data such as subject proficiency on a state-by-state level,” Mr. Sum further explains. “From there, we’ll be able to use it to provide more precise education comprehension solutions within the next five to ten years.”

The digital marketing turnaround

By the time the pandemic rolled around, the Group had already digitalised its internal processes and were continuously exploring the possibilities technology could bring to the future of education. What they had yet to unlock: the formula to digital marketing.

To step up their efforts, they engaged the Maxis Business team with an interest in the Digital Marketing Starter Kit.

“The Maxis team gave us ideas we wouldn’t otherwise have considered.”

Mr. Sum recalls the underwhelming results they received in the first six months. It was then they worked closely with Maxis Right Expertise to closely monitor, assess and troubleshoot factors that could negatively impact its digital presence – which included a revamping of the website. The results have continued to show positive growth since – a true win for their online presence.

Though it’s been long since Pelangi Publishing Group adopted digitalisation as part of its business’ strategy, Mr. Sum notes that the digital space is ever-evolving. To ensure they stay always ahead, they continue to explore the opportunities technology could offer education with the right digital infrastructure, content as well as expertise.

To help businesses successfully achieve digital transformation is at the core of the Maxis Right Expertise’ mission. Offering the right network, solutions and insights, get fully managed end-to-end assistance on your business’ digital transformation.

You too, can bring your business to the next level like Pelangi Publishing Group with us.