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Decoding Digitalisation: A BFM Special with Maxis Business

In today's landscape, digitalisation is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses. It's not just about adopting digital solutions for growth; it's about transforming operations, enhancing customer reach, optimising logistics, and securing data transfer. However, diving into digitalisation blindly isn't the answer. Beforehand, it is crucial for businesses to identify their objectives and forge partnerships with a dependable network and connectivity provider that offers a comprehensive range of digitalisation tools tailored to meet diverse business requirements. This is precisely what Maxis Business excels in providing. 

Empowering the future of smart mobility with connectivity

In discussions with Claire Featherstone, Head of Corporate & Enterprise Practices at Maxis Business, and Ir Lee Yuen How, Managing Director of EV Connection, it was emphasised that as technology and transportation intertwine, seamless data flow is paramount for advancing smart mobility. One key area is enhancing the electric vehicle (EV) experience through streamlined connectivity. Smart mobility seeks to revolutionise transportation by connecting relevant data across the network, offering real-time visibility for passengers to improve their journey. Maxis Business plays a critical role in this ecosystem, providing reliable connectivity solutions to support the seamless operation of smart mobility services. 

Moreover, as cars evolve to become smarter and more autonomous, connectivity and electrification emerge as integral components of smart mobility. With Maxis Business facilitating a connected ecosystem, we are not only empowering EVs but also laying the groundwork for a sustainable, efficient, and convenient future of transportation.

Digitalisation brings businesses up to speed

Against the backdrop of an evolving digital landscape, Selva Rajasekaran, Head of Enterprise Products, and Kevin Lee, Head of SMB & Mid-market Segment at Maxis Business, highlights the importance of digitalisation for Malaysian businesses striving to stay relevant in dynamic industries.  While low labor costs initially overshadowed the need for digital transformation, rising industry expenses have forced mid-market enterprises to reassess their strategies. In sectors like logistics, where customer demands propel growth, companies face pressure to digitalise swiftly. However, many businesses lack the technical expertise to navigate this transition effectively.

Enterprises require the right network support to fuel their digitalisation efforts. This entails modernising network infrastructure through managed network services and cloud solutions. Such advancements facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and data management, thereby optimising production processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Amidst these challenges, Maxis stands out as a household name for connectivity and mobile solutions. Recognising the emerging opportunities driven by technological shifts like cloud computing and IoT, Maxis is proactively enhancing its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of Malaysian businesses.

Ensure your business’ digitalisation journey is in the right direction

In a conversation with Prateek Pashine, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Maxis Business, the importance of leveraging technology to scale and grow a business is highlighted. Pashine underscores the significance of market knowledge for maintaining competitiveness, emphasising that digitalisation can serve as a key differentiator when employed effectively. Whether harnessing the power of 5G connectivity, leveraging cloud computing for operational agility, or employing data analytics for better decision-making, technology is an enabler.

Maxis Business serves as a convenient solution hub for SMEs, catering to various needs like productivity, voice communication, and applications. With a range of solutions covering connectivity, cloud services, security, and IoT, Maxis ensures businesses can concentrate on their core operations while entrusting the management of network and cloud infrastructure to experts.

A trusted digitalisation and connectivity partner for businesses of all sizes

Goh Seow Eng, CEO of Maxis, sheds light on the key considerations for businesses diving into digitalisation, and why Maxis is the ideal partner for this journey. 

He underscores, “It boils down to two main factors: the knowledge and willingness of business leaders to embrace digital solutions. Contrary to assumptions, many customers prefer digital interactions for their speed and seamlessness.”

He stresses, “Above all, every businesses of all sizes need three things: reliable connectivity, cloud migration, and cybersecurity, and Maxis Business is committed to keeping them all connected for growth and transformation through digitalisation. ”

Leveraging connectivity, digitalisation doesn't just streamline day-to-day transactions, but also brings together customers, staff, and technology, making operations more efficient and secure," Eng said. "Many enterprises, whether small, medium, or large, understand the need to digitalise but may not know the best way forward. This is where having the right partner to help answer questions and simplify the process matters."

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