Scalable telephone services with Maxis ISDN PRI

Increasing available lines to handle large call volumes can be costly, especially for a business that’s expanding. With Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI), you can enjoy a circuit with 2Mbps bandwidth and 30 voice channels to handle a higher number of calls at any time.

Highly scalable and affordable, this digital network seamlessly connects your Private Branch Exchange (PABX), media gateway and video conferencing equipment to a public switch telephone or IDD network with just one line. Seek help from our representatives today and give your business the competitive edge without paying a fortune.


Excellent Connection

Enjoy fast, flexible, highly reliable and clear digital connections.

Increased call capacity

Boost customer satisfaction and revenue growth by enabling more calls.

Highly scalable

ISDN PRI can be tailored to match your every need, no matter how many lines you require.

Cost saving

ISDN PRI is cheaper than subscribing to direct single lines or pilot hunting lines. Implement up to 100 physical telephone lines at affordable rates.

Why Maxis ISDN PRI

Multi-line Hunt Group
You don’t have to wait for a line to use. Your calls are connected to your extension via the first available channel line.

Direct Inward Dialing
Using the last four digits as the extension number, callers can reach anyone directly without going through a telephone operator.

Choose your preferred Default Pilot Number from the block of numbers that you have subscribed to. Use it as a primary number and for billing purposes.

How it works

The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a service standard for larger companies within the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
set of specifications. ISDN PRI uses circuit-switched access technology to deliver high-quality voice, data, and video services over
a high-bandwidth network. Maxis's switch and network are connected with ISDN PRI via modem to customer’s PABX.

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