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Upgrade to a flexible, reliable & secure business voice calling today

Transform your current telephony system into an enterprise-grade Voice over IP (VolP) service with Maxis Business Voice SIP. This solution will bring greater cost savings and control to businesses as it consolidates voice and data services to simplify communication management; while ensuring the highest calling quality through our assured Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Up to 40% savings

Free Maxis to Maxis calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks, and savings on equipment costs

Worry-free transition

Experience a hassle-free transition from your current provider, with supported on-site provisioning.

Flexible and scalable

Add as many phone lines as your business requires.

Moving from traditional phone systems to
Maxis Business Voice SIP

Traditional phone systems

  • Cost to maintain multiple dispersed PBX at each branch
  • Cost of PRI Line or Analogue line rental at each branch
  • Calls between branches chargeable

Maxis Business Voice SIP

  • Customer’s Centralised On-Premise IP PBX using Maxis Business VoiceSIP
  • IP Network connecting branch offices
  • Free inter-branch calls
  • Free Maxis to Maxis calls
  • Save costs and space by consolidating your phone system (Single IP PBX to maintain)

Complete your Maxis Business Voice SIP with these value added services

CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) 
Withholds caller ID information from the recipient’s phone, preventing the recipient from identifying who is calling. Available as an optional add-on at RM100/mth.

Trunk Redirection
Redirects incoming calls to a multi-location setup anywhere in Malaysia during any service interruption. Available as an optional add-on at RM100/mth.

Trunk Overflow
Determines the availability of unutilised trunk and redirects voice traffic towards it. Available as an optional add-on at RM100/mth.

Trunk Load Balance
Helps to distribute call traffic across the trunk based on a round robin order. Available as an optional add-on at RM100/mth.

What businesses are saying about
Maxis Business Voice SIP

‘Not only does Maxis Voice SIP provide better voice quality, its seamless integration of voice and internet in one cable enabled us to lower costs by eliminating the need for different cables for both phone and laptops.’


–Leading chemicals supplier

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  • For additional calls made to other network operators, you will be charged 4 sen/min for calls to local fixed lines and 7 sen/min for calls to any national fixed lines or any mobile lines.
  • For international calls, enjoy affordable IDD calls as low as 8 sen/min to China Fixed, Singapore and 10 sen/min to China Mobile. For other IDD destinations and call rates, please click IDD FAQ here.
  • For maintaining 5 to 60 lines, you will need to be subscribed to one of our Maxis Business Fibre plans, which come with an applicable contract period of 24 months.
  • If you are looking for a voice service that caters to a high number of channels, you will need to subscribe to either Maxis’ Dedicated Internet Access or MPLS services with applicable contract periods of 12, 24, 36 or 60 months.

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