Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

As directed by MCMC, SMS with URL link, personal data & phone no. will be blocked from 2 Jul 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 Jul 2023.

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Geran Digital Perusahaan Mikro, Kecil dan Sederhana (PMKS) Madani

  • The Geran Digital PMKS Madani (“The Geran”) is a matching Geran of up to RM5,000 for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to subscribe to digital services. It aims to incentivise local businesses to digitalise to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity, fostering growth.

  • The Geran is open to all existing and new Maxis Business SME customers that have never claimed the Geran before – previously known as SME Digitalisation Geran.

    To apply for the Geran, you must first meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • At least 60% owned by Malaysian citizens;
    • Registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia and classified as an SME;
    • have been in operation for a minimum of six (6) months;
    • have a minimum average annual sales turnover of at least RM50,000.
  • The Geran is a limited offering by the government and is a first-come-first-serve basis until further notice.

  • You simply need to sign up for any eligible solutions or connectivity bundle with Maxis. Maxis will assist you to apply for the Geran with BSN after all eligible services have been activated. When BSN disburses the Geran to Maxis, you will see the Geran discount reflected in your bill.

  • The Geran amount eligible for each MSME is equal to 50% of the invoice amount, up to RM5,000 whichever is lower. You can subscribe to digital solutions more than the Geran value, but the claimable value is capped at a maximum of RM5,000.

  • You will be granted a discount of 30% on your first month’s bill from service activation, notwithstanding whether your Geran application is successful or otherwise. This is a welcome discount provided by Maxis and does not count towards the total Geran that you are eligible to receive.

    If your application of the Geran is successful, you will see on your bill a one-time disbursement of the approved Geran amount into your Maxis account. There will also be a one-time charge to offset the disbursement. Please allow 1 – 2 months from Geran disbursement for this to be reflected in your subsequent monthly invoices.

  • The approved Geran amount will be pro-rated across a 20-month period in your Maxis bill. You will need to pay the remaining contract months in full thereafter.

  • Typically, it will take up to 1 month from the date of Geran submission by Maxis to BSN. All eligible services must be activated first for Maxis to proceed with Geran submission.

  • You will receive an SMS notification from Maxis on your Geran application status, whether it has been approved or rejected by BSN.

  • Yes. You are allowed to apply for up to three (3) types of digital services with one or more appointed digital services providers, including Maxis. However, we encourage you to apply for all eligible Maxis services together in a single registration form.

  • No. All eligible service(s) under the Geran are subject to the minimum contract period of 24-months. You are responsible for the full charges as stated in the invoices after the activation of the eligible service(s) at any point in time if:

    1. You have not received any notification of your successful application of the Geran;
    2. The Geran is not granted to you for any reason whatsoever;
    3. After your application of the Geran, the Geran is suspended by MOF or BSN for any reason whatsoever;
    4. Any other directives from MOF or BSN which resulted in you not being able to receive the Geran or continue receiving the Geran.
  • You will not be able to enjoy the remaining balance of your Geran payout if you terminate or port out your eligible service(s).

    The Geran payout can only be disbursed and applied to the approved eligible service(s) to the company that claimed it. It cannot be transferred to another company.

  • Check out full Terms & Conditions here.

    The FAQs are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQs may be modified from time to time. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the campaign for more information.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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